What Does Where Can I Get Treated For Genital Warts? Do?

Published Dec 27, 21
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How How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Pain. Scarring. Infection. Nerve damage. Why might your doctor recommend treatment for warts? Your doctor might suggest that you treat your warts if: You have a wart that is getting worse and is easily irritated. You have a plantar wart that hurts to walk on. You don't like the way your wart looks.

2. Compare your options Treat your warts Don't treat your warts What is usually involved? If you have diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, a weakened immune system, or a major illness, talk to your doctor before you use any over-the-counter wart removal products. You may not be able to use them.

Salicylic acid: You put the medicine on your warts every day for 2 to 3 months. You can do this at home, and you don't need a prescription. Duct tape: You cover your warts with tape for 6 days. Then you remove the tape and soak the warts in water.

An Unbiased View of Warts: Pictures, Causes, Types, Removal, And Treatment

Natural Remedies for Warts  & an Unbelievable One!    Whole New MomPin on Natural Remedies

You can buy duct tape at a grocery store or hardware store. Cryotherapy: You can first try an over-the-counter medicine that can freeze your warts. Each treatment takes only a few seconds. Or you can have your doctor freeze the warts for you using a very cold liquid. You'll likely need to have this treatment repeated.

About 65 to 85 out of 100 people may see their warts go away with treatment. You prevent your warts from spreading to other people or other parts of your body. You have less pain if the warts are in a spot that you put a lot of pressure on, such as on your finger or the bottom of your foot.

You avoid the cost and inconvenience of getting treatment. If your warts don't go away on their own, or if they spread to other parts of your body or cause pain, you can decide to try treatment. What are the risks and side effects? Possible side effects include: Skin irritation, burning, and blistering.

The Definitive Guide for How To Get Rid Of Penile Warts

Scarring. Infection. Nerve damage. Treatment may not work. Warts may come back. If you don't treat your warts, they: Might not go away on their own. Might get worse and cause pain. Might spread to other people or other parts of your body. Personal stories Personal stories about deciding to treat warts These stories are based on information gathered from health professionals and consumers.

"My 12-year-old son Jeff has warts on several of his fingers. They don't seem to bother him too much, but his sister thinks they are "gross." I think he doesn't want to do anything about them because he likes to tease her. I asked our doctor if there was any reason to treat them.

Our doctor also said to keep in mind that warts are contagious, and Jeff's sister might catch them too." "At first I didn't know what the growth on my toe was. I never had warts when I was a kid. But when I kept stubbing it on things and making it bleed, I decided I should probably do something about it.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Warts Naturally for Dummies

She said it was definitely a wart and "I can freeze it off right now if you don't mind a little pain, or you can try a nonprescription product that will take longer." I knew I wouldn't stick with the home treatment for more than a few days, so I agreed to the freezing." "I was nervous about doing anything like freezing or surgery to the bottom of my foot.

But my plantar wart was sort of nagging me, so I used a nonprescription product, pads, and a pumice stone for several weeks. It was a slow process, but it gave me an excuse to spend a few minutes in the bathroom by myself every night!" "Some people think that warts are no big deal, but the warts on my feet have caused all sorts of grief.

I know they aren't going to kill me, but they sure are a pain in the neck—make that a pain in the foot! I'm ready to try some injections that the doctor says may work. I have to have them once a week for a couple of months." 3. What matters most to you? Your personal feelings are just as important as the medical facts.

All About How Do I Get Rid Of Warts?

More important Equally important More important I want to prevent my warts from spreading to other people or other parts of my body. I'm not worried about my warts spreading to other people or other parts of my body. More important Equally important More important My warts are in a spot where they cause pain.

More important Equally important More important My other important reasons: My other important reasons: More important Equally important More important 4. Where are you leaning now? Now that you've thought about the facts and your feelings, you may have a general idea of where you stand on this decision. Show which way you are leaning right now.

What else do you need to make your decision? Check the facts 1. Are warts harmful? That's right. Warts are usually harmless. In most cases, they go away on their own within months or years. 2. If warts are bothersome, should they be treated? That's right. If warts spread or cause pain, or if you don't like the way they look, you may want to treat them.

The Basic Principles Of Warts Symptoms & Treatments - Illnesses & Conditions

Do treatments for warts always work? That's right. Treatments for warts don't always work. Warts may come back in the same place or on a different part of your body. Decide what's next 1. Do you understand the options available to you? 2. Are you clear about which benefits and side effects matter most to you? 3.

3 Step Home Remedy for Warts   Kitchen Stewardship7 Home Remedies for Warts: Lemon, Tea Tree Oil, Duct Tape etc.

To try it, mix 2-parts apple cider vinegar and 1-part water. Soak a cotton ball with this mixture. Place it on the wart, and cover with a bandage. Leave it on for three to four hours. Always dilute apple cider vinegar with water. The acidity may cause irritation and chemical burns.



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